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EYOF 2017 Tender - Marketing

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Marketing activities

Marketing Marketing is one of the most important tools for achieving the mission’s goals and fostering the spirit of the EYOF. Thousands of athletes will meet in Győr in 2017 and therefore it is vital that the local population, the sponsors, the children and their parents are aware of the importance of Győr being the Host City of the European Youth Olympic Festival. This international event, as a brand, will be built up in Hungary and in Central Europe so that even more people will become aware of its significance and will see its intrinsic opportunities. The EYOF is one of the most distinguished competitions in the world and it is important that the talented young athletes and their results be known and supported by the international and European sports associations. Before the event an intensive marketing campaign is needed to develop the idea of the EYOF as a popular and noteworthy international sport event. The athletes, the coaches and the participants of the previous EYOF events are familiar with the high quality and calibre of the event, but those who have no personal experience neither know nor are aware of the significance of the EYOF. The key marketing objective is to build the brand of the EYOF, which will attract sponsors and supporters, up-to-date press reports and new, enthusiastic coaches and champions.

The EYOF related marketing activities consist of two parts:

Marketing for building and introducing EYOF as a brand

It is of key importance that the function of marketing be to address younger generations. Should Győr be the host of the 2017 EYOF, the event should be introduced and popularised starting in 2013. The preparation of elementary and secondary school physical education teachers by emphasising the importance of the EYOF are the key elements in brand building. The work of these teachers who emphasise the importance of the daily exercise and leading through example will motivate the children to want to take part in the 2017 EYOF as athletes or volunteers or as enthusiastic supporters of the Hungarian team.

In order to achieve this goal those channels should be identified though which the age groups of 8-25 can be addressed. Therefore, educational institutions, online marketing tools, community websites, posters and media that address young people will play an important role. It will be made possible for children to meet the sports role models, who are Olympic champions or famous athletes to see for themselves the significance of sports. If the children have the necessary enthusiasm and knowledge it will awaken an interest in the older generations as well, as their parents and grandparents will be happy to share in the enthusiasm of their children and will accompany them to events that emphasise health and sports.

Marketing for the event

In the period between 2013 and 2017 great emphasis will be placed on the suitable support of young talents. It is important that in addition to students, companies should also be made aware of the indispensable role that sports play and companies should also make it their social mission to recognise the importance of sport and to contribute to the organisation of the event. In order to achieve this, the sponsors and suppliers should be addressed in a most persuasive way. They should be categorised and it should be made possible for multinational corporations and small and medium sized businesses to take part in this international event. During the EYOF, great emphasis will be placed on exhibiting the culture of the participating countries as well as Hungarian traditions. The objective is that Győr and Hungary should be not only a venue in the history of EYOF, but also a feeling; the feeling of togetherness, where the differences among the nations disappear. The participating countries will meet in Győr, where the rivers converge and Győr will be the meeting point of different cultures; where not only the athletes arrive readily, but so do all those who love sports. The EYOF should be the link among them. In order to strengthen the bridge between the people, a famous composer will compose a new song which will be performed by a popular singer. The song will reflect the impulsiveness and strength of sports and the diversity of a dynamically developing and innovative city.

The media plan will be prepared by 2017 before the event and according to signed agreements and required conditions. The media plan contains the television, radio and online broadcast, printed media and outdoor advertisements.

The marketing program will be compiled on a yearly basis and it will target different age groups. The marketing program will fully comply with the requirements of the EOC and the EYOF Charter both legally and in quality. Naturally, the objective is to organise the most popular and most attractive EYOF in Győr, which can serve as the basis for a change in the attitude towards sport in Central Europe.

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EYOF regulations on television broadcast

The partner of the MOB cooperates in live television broadcasts at all times, in case of Hungarian broadcasts currently the Hungarian Television, and in case of international broadcasts, the current cooperating partner of the European Olympic Committee is Eurosport2. Contracts should be concluded with the Hungarian and European partner television stations and the competent Olympic Committee concerning broadcast rights or the transfer of broadcast rights. The contractual partner will provide a live broadcast of the Opening and the Closing Ceremonies and the competition finals, and will make a summary of the main events of the day.

The Hungarian Olympic Committee provides for the implementation of television broadcast according to the attached letter of intent.

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Sok szeretettel köszöntöm a 2017-es győri Európai Ifjúsági Olimpiai Fesztivál hivatalos honlapján.

Nagy megtiszteltetés Magyarország és Győr városa számára, hogy elnyerte a 2017-es Európai Ifjúsági Olimpiai Fesztivál rendezési jogát.

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