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EYOF 2017 Tender - Olympism

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The Olympic Spirit and Culture

Győr attitude

In the case of the organisation of the 2017 Győr EYOF, the city will be transformed for 8 days. A successful event linking all European cultures to the principles of the Olympic Movement will take place. The key objective of Győr is to provide an unforgettable sports and cultural experience to the young European talents, their coaches and guests and at the same time to take into careful consideration the strengthening of the Olympic Spirit. Its mission is to provide insight into the richness of Hungarian culture and to familiarise the athletes with the national traditions of their competitors. Győr will do its best to provide the best possible conditions for the young talents to compete in the spirit of fair play, solidarity and friendship.

In 2010 Győr was awarded the titles of the ‘City of Hungarian Culture’ and the ‘Sportiest City’ from among all of Hungary’s county capitals. It is a poignant reflection of the city’s devotion to sports and cultural values. Both awards reflect Győr’s uniqueness and perfectionism. During the EYOF it will be possible to see its diverse cultural life within the framework of the Four Seasons Festival that connects the cultural programs of the city through the viewing of performances of the internationally renowned Ballet of Győr, the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Theatre of Győr. The participant countries will also have an opportunity to make their cultures know by means of various cultural programs that will take place in the street at locations that will be made available for this purpose. A column will be set up each Olympic Village where all of the participants will be able to put their national flag to symbolise togetherness and unity. Visitors will be able to take part in team-building programs that will accompany the 2017 EYOF in order to become more environmentallyconscious. In the Olympic Villages shops and different programs will provide recreational activities for the athletes and outside the Olympic Villages an entertainment quarter will be built for the other participants.

Both during and preceding the 2017 EYOF the Olympic Spirit will maintain its central importance. During the 2017 EYOF participants and other guests will become a big family in the spirit of fair play, anti-doping and anti-discrimination, environmentally-conscious behaviour and mutual understanding for each other’s culture. For this reason, the Hungarian Anti-doping Group will join the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) and provide anti-doping information and advice at several venues. In the framework of the campaign the workers of the Hungarian Anti-doping Group will provide information about prevention, about the current list of banned substances and about doping substance control. The city will endeavour to maintain the positive image of the Olympic Movement and the Olympic Spirit and will contribute to the building of a better, more peaceful world through the education and sports participation of young people, free from disadvantageous discrimination.

Opening and Closing Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will take place before the start of the competition in one of the most modern stadiums in Hungary. The recently renovated Győri ETO FC stadium can host 16,000 people and it is an excellent venue for cultural events. Participants will parade around the stadium in their country’s formal attire with their flag. Following this, the presidents of the EOC, the Organising Committee and the Hungarian Olympic Committee will welcome the participants. During the Olympic anthem the raising of the Olympic Flag and the presence of the Olympic torch will add to the atmosphere of the ceremony. Following the singing of the anthem, the athletes and the judges will take the oath and then the Hungarian national anthem will be played. In the second part of the ceremony the representatives of countries will take their places in the tribune built for them and will watch a very fine and varied historical and cultural show and an amazing fireworks display.

The Opening Ceremony will be organised according to the EYOF Charter and the contract of the Host City with the approval of the EYOF Committee.

The Closing Ceremony will take place on the last day of the event at the venue of the Opening Ceremony, in the Győri ETO FC stadium, according to the EYOF Charter and the contract of the Host City. During the ceremony the Olympic Anthem will be played and the Olympic Flag will be lowered and the Olympic Flame will be extinguished.

Victory Ceremony

The Victory Ceremonies will be organised according to the procedures of EOC. The first three podium finishers of the competitions will be awarded with a medal whose design will be approved by the EOC Executive Committee.

During the ceremony, the medals, the flower bouquets and the event’s mascot will be handed over to the medallists. The ceremony will take place directly following the competition and on the site of the competition.

The national flag of the winner will be raised on the centre and the national flags of the second and third place competitors will be raised on the right and left while the national anthem of the winner will be played. The medals and the prizes will be handed over by the representatives of the EOC Executive Committee as well as by notable Hungarian and Győr personalities.

Torch Relay

The city of Győr plans to organise an Olympic Torch Relay. The route will go through the main cities, and cultural and historic sights of Hungary. After finalisation, all of the details of the Torch Relay will be submitted for approval to the EOC Committee. The Torch Relay will start a week before the opening of the EYOF. It will most definitely attract the interest of the press and will also be an ideal opportunity to communicate the Olympic Spirit and Values.

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Sok szeretettel köszöntöm a 2017-es győri Európai Ifjúsági Olimpiai Fesztivál hivatalos honlapján.

Nagy megtiszteltetés Magyarország és Győr városa számára, hogy elnyerte a 2017-es Európai Ifjúsági Olimpiai Fesztivál rendezési jogát.

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