Cooperation for the Olympic Festival in Győr

Győr can organize the 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival. In order to have a successful tender the nine professional sport associations of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the city of Győr has signed a cooperation agreement.

The European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF) is the ’little brother’ of the ‘big’ Olympic Games on which the age group of 14-18 year-old sportspeople represent themselves from 49 countries. The decision about the venue of the Festival in 2017 will be made in December. Győr submitted its tender alone but that does not mean automatically that it can win the rights to organize the event. – stressed Zsolt Borkai, the Mayor of the city of Győr. ‘For success we need a suitably elaborated, high standard and grounded tender’ – he added.

In order to become a successful candidate Zsolt Borkai, the Mayor, dr. Zoltán Magyar the vice-president of the Hungarian Olympic Committee and the representatives of the nine professional sport associations (gymnastics, cycling, tennis, volleyball, basketball, handball,  judo, athletics and swimming) signed the cooperation agreement at the seat of MOB on 7th May.

On 17th June 2011 the management of the MOB, on 24th June the Municipality of Győr  equally approved the tender intention for the rights of organizing the 2017 XIV. Summer European Youth Olympic Festival. On 17th November 2011 the Hungarian government decided about the necessary measures to be taken in case of winning the tender about the rights of the organization.

Zsolt Borkai explained that the event is a great opportunity for Győr and for the country, as nearly four thousand sportspeople arrive from 49 countries, not to mention those who accompany them whose estimated number is around ten thousand. Besides introducing ourselves to Europe, our young talents can be encouraged by the results achieved on this event. This year several sportspeople can compete on the Olympic Games in London who proved their talent previously within the frames of the EYOF.

The European Youth Olympic Festival is an official event of the Olympic Games, which has been organized since 1991, and our country represents itself on the competitions since the beginning. Our young sportspeople reach excellent results every time, for example the last time in Trabzon along with the five gold-, three silver- and five bronze medals they won the sixth place on the total medal table.- commented dr Zsigmond Nagy the international director of MOB. The best result was reached in 2003 on the competition in Paris when we won the second place among the nations with our 14 gold medals.

In its formality the EYOF is very similar to the adults’ Olympic Games, as the five circles are presented, the Olympic flame flashes, the opening and closing ceremonies are organized and the competitors are accommodated in the Olympic village. Due to the guarantee of the government more ten billion HUF investments can be expected in Győr; in addition the city has taken up the challenge and the costs of building an Olympic village besides the organization. The event brings about several cultural programmes besides sports, in brief it is a real festival; a festival will move to Győr in the summer of 2017 with the participants of 49 nations.

Side Events of EYOF

Side events of EYOF at the Dunakapu square in Győr

Győr map

Győr map

Spectator's Guide

Spectator's guide

Mayor's Welcome

Borkai Zsolt

Dear Sports Friends, 
Dear Visitor,

It is with great pleasure to welcome you on the official website of the European Youth Olympic Festival 2017 in Győr.

It has been a great honour for Hungary and the City of Győr to obtain the rights to host the 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival. 

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Competition Schedule

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