Audis will transport the guests of the Olympic Festival

What is good for Győr, is good for the Audi too – with this words gave Peter Kössler, president of the Audi Hungaria Directorate on one of the festivals venues, in front of the Audi Arena to Zsolt Borkai Mayor the keys of the Audi cars, which are the sponsor gifts from the German world company's Hungarian Firm to the European Youth Olympic Festival organised in Győr.

– The Olympic idea stands close to us which is why in the name of our social covenant we gladly support the success of this monumental event. It is a joy for us, that our four-ring models guarantee the classy transport of the guests worthy to the event during the whole time of the festival – said Peter Kössler.

Zsolt Borkai, Mayor of Győr, president of the EYOF Organising Committee acknowledged the Audi Hungaria for this excellent partnership, which describes the connection between the local government and the company for years and in the case of the EYOF shows another new level.

– The arrangement of the EYOF can only be successful and high-standard if besides the governmental and autonomous role play leader companies in taking social responsibility support the event also. The Audi Hungaria as a diamond sponsor, premium category logistic partner representing high quality is one of the biggest sponsors of the European Youth Olympic Festival, which is an European level competition of the talented young people; and I'm sure that not only the reputation of Győr and Hungary but also the fame of Audi will be taken into 50 countries – said the mayor.

The motor and car manufacturer company as the official car transporter of the European Youth Olympic Festival supports the success of our first domestic Olympic event with altogether 75 cars, amongst them Audi A3, A4, Q7 and Volkswagen Multivan models.

Zsolt Borkai: We are ready to start

We interviewed Zsolt Borkai Mayor on the event about the upcoming festival.

– You look so calm in the finish of the preparations for the festival. Do you have a reason for that?
– Of course I have. A few days ago I visited all of the venues again, the buildings are ready, the complementary works are in progress, the culinary and the fandom pavilions are winded up. Everything goes exactly as planned, naturally approaching the opening the mood will be a little more nervous, but we need the stress too, to be successful. We are ready to start.

– How do see, how much has the city accepted the Olympic Festival as its own?
– According to the inquiries I think and I see that it had accepted. The entry tickets for the sport events are practically sold out, except those thirty percent, which was held back deliberately. There is a big interest for the Opening Ceremony too. Many people already watched – from the outside for now – the establishments, who had the chance to take a glimpse inside the buildings or the athletic centre were all very surprised how demanding and high standard tracks were built there, I can easily say on a world class.

– The question is what will happen to them after the event?
– When we applied for this event we did it with a demand: we can bring monumental establishment to Győr, but it is only good, if these tracks, buildings can get a reasonable function later too. A few months ago we went so far with that, that we got actual requests for organising training camps for foreign and Hungarian athletes. The abilities are excellent, everything is together and that is why there is a high demand in the circles of sportsmen and athletes. We should not forget that the several thousand kids of the GYAC practicing all kinds of sports can train between such fantastic circumstances day by day. My belief is that the quality and the mass sport especially important to preserve our health will find a worthy home in there. Naturally the halls are appropriate and attractive venues for several other programs.

– On which sport competitions venues can we meet you? I believe you won't dismiss the artistic gymnastics.
– Of course I won't, but I will watch the swimming too, moreover, I plan to visit all sport competitions. It would be a waste to miss out anything.

Photo: Péter O. Jakócs

Side Events of EYOF

Side events of EYOF at the Dunakapu square in Győr

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Győr map

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