2017 Győr

23-29 July - 2017

23-29 July - 2017


General information

Apply for the volunteer program and participate in the European Youth Olympic Festival 2017!

About volunteering

  • Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity where an individual or a group provides services for no financial gain.
  • The goal of the volunteer program is to provide professional background services for the EYOF 2017 in Győr.
  • Sport volunteers define the image of the event. They are the face of the festival!
  • 3 basic rules of sport volunteering:
    • „Can I help you?" – as the most important question,
    • there is a solution for everything,
    • „SMILE!" To create a happy event together! :-)
  • „Talent now, Idol in the future" – You are unique, because you apply to help! You can become more unique by the end of the festival because you gain particular experience that you can utilize in your everyday life.

Reasons to become a volunteer at EYOF 2017? You can...

  1. get to know new people (more than 1500 volunteers and 2500 athletes),
  2. participate in one of the biggest multisport events of Europe,
  3. practice and improve your language skills,
  4. be a member of an exciting volunteer community,
  5. achieve a unique Olympic experience and make unforgettable memories.

As a part of the volunteer team, we provide you...

  1. a special EYOF 2017 uniform,
  2. warm meals during your shifts,
  3. free use of local transportation,
  4. a valuable training program related to your role.

We are looking for those who...

  • pursue to follow the Olympic Values
      • Excellence
        • Friendship
          • Respect
  • are committed to the city of Győr, Hungary, the Olympic Movement and the EYOF,
  • are available for the whole period of the event (23-30 July 2017),
  • willing to contribute to the successful delivery of the festival!

Task descriptions and Registration


City of Győr
City of Győr

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