Handball player from Győr could lead the EYOF National Team to victory

From the EYOF sport-ambassadors sure the handball players know each other the best, since they are club-members in the Audi ETO for a couple of years. One of them is Anita Görbicz, iconic figure of the sport, one of the best players of the world ever; the other is Tamara Pál, great hope for the future, an ambitious and hardworking talent, who wants to follow the legends track.

In 2005 Görbe had already been through some big successes with the 'green-whites' and with the national team also. She celebrated this time her first Champion title with the ETO team, she experienced in Athens what it is like to play on an Olympics, and she already had in her display cabinet amongst others the World Champion silver medal from Zagreb from 2003, the same coloured medal from the Junior World Championship from Győr, and several individual acknowledgements.

Tamara Pál started about this time playing handball yet in Debrecen; she liked to play with the ball better than the majorette. On one summer she was in a training camp in Győr with her team, her talent showed up here in front of the ETO professional crew. Four years ago her family moved with her into the city (of Győr)"We won almost everything that we could with the peer team, we were champions amongst the youngsters, we even won gold medal on the scholar world championship. Last year I got the chance to prepare with the adult team. It was a huge experience to train with world stars, and later it was kind of a dream to go in for the National Championship I and the Champions League matches." Some would say put y hand up who wouldn't want to live the Champions League atmosphere at the age of 16. Tamara had the chance, of course not without credit. She was chosen the best Hungarian player in her age group in 2015; she won two times Anita Görbicz scholarship. The founder of the award, the icon talked about this, as the EYOF-ambassadors were introduced.

"She is a very big talent, we took notice about this years ago, and I am glad that she can be among my team members at such a young age. She developed a lot between us and even she can help us experienced players in a lot of things. She has a long path before her, I am happy that she can be part of the EYOF." Anita told that the fans can not only meet her on the handball matches in July but also as a curious viewer on every sport event of the EYOF. Of course she cheers for her team-mate.

"One of my eyes is crying, the other is smiling, because I can't be there as a player, on an event like this, but I am very proud, that Győr hosts the festival. I can feel the EYOF as mine a little. I started playing handball in this city, I will finish it here, it is a great thing to organise a sport event like this. I played on two Olympic Games, in Athens and in Beijing, and I can imagine that a similar atmosphere will dominate Győr during the EYOF. It is impossible to say this in words, you have to be there." Tamara Pál is a significant player in the EYOF National Team, she has barely free time because of the trainings, but she thinks as the results will come it is worth to make these sacrifices. On the Olympic Festival eight countries teams will play against each other in two foursome groups, the Hungarians possess the chance to win the gold medal.

"The National Team is an unbelievably good community, we are a funny company and we fight as a real team on the field. We would like to qualify from the groups, namely as first. We know the Netherlands and Romania well from our opponents; we won against them lately with more than ten goals. We will play with the Norwegians before the EYOF during the training; we will have the chance to get to know them also. If everything goes well, we will be five players from Győr in the National Team." A full summer awaits the leader of the 'green-whites', since after the "little Olympics" the National Team will attend the European Championship, with a leading role of the ETO players, amongst them with Tamara, who meanwhile got a contract from the Champions League winner clubs adult team.

"Anita Görbicz, Anikó Kovács and Gabi Tóth are all leaders, like Tamara Pál. They all developed in the ETO until now, they became class handball-players. Tamara is on a very good path to follow their tracks if her development continues this way."- said Kálmán Róth, ETO-supply professional about the young handball player. If we can believe someone, than him. The ETO members could also lead the National Team to victory on the festival.

Photo: Gábor Marcali


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