Aqua Sport Centre


During the preparations for the 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival the Aqua Sport Centre, the most modern competition swimming pool of the west-transdanubian region was opened in Győr at the end of 2014.


The facility with a 50-meter-long pool is situated on the area of the olympic facility complex to be built by the year 2017. The name-giving sponsor of the swimming pool is the QP Zrt. seated in  Győr that also supports swimming and takes a leading role in social responsibility. Since its opening, the Aqua Sport Centre has been home of many prestigious competitions, enabling also the organisation of up to par training camps and the sport touristic utilisation.


The Aqua Sport Centre in numbers:

  • Te 50X25 m competition pool is 2.20 m deep and its temperature is 26-27 degree Celsius
  • Besides the sport pool there is also a 16X16 meter big, 80 cm deep, 32 0C warm pool
  • The competition pool is surrounded by grandstands from 3 sides, enabling 800 spectators to watch the events. The grandstands can be expanded up to 1200 seats with the use of mobile seats
  • In the basement – besides the engineering units – there are the changing rooms: 4 of them are for teams, 3 of them for coaches and there is a big changing room with lockers that is able to receive 305 persons, too
  • In the wellness area of the swimming pool there are 2 Finnish saunas, a cold water dunkling pool and a relaxation area


Address: Győr, Bercsényi liget

Tel.: +36 - 20 / 396 - 4839



Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday: 6.00 - 21.00

Sunday: 6.00 - 20.00


Rába Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa


Rába Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa is located on the peninsula created by the Mosoni- Danube and Raba rivers, offering amazing views over the historic city center of Győr.

The spa is a perfect choice for families, young people, pensioners, in short, for all ages, as well as for active and passive recreation, or for entertainment enthusiasts, offering many opportunities for meaningful and fun-filled stay. The available services primarily help wellness, recreation and relaxation.


Adventure pools

Five pools are avalilable for our guests, with countless adventure elements: twisters, laying massages, geysers, massage jets, waterfalls and caves. These are complemented by the outdoor and indoor slides. Cocktails can be consumed in the pools, the cozy harmony of colors, the soul filling relaxation areas, and the seaside atmosphere with a lighthouse, all areas are giving experiences, and opportunities for recreation.

Neither the adults, nor the children will be bored, children's pool and play area, free indoor playground provides a carefree experience of game. Watching tales, comfortable bean bags, the joy of creation ... - you can not just go swimming to the Rába Quelle bath.


Therapeutic department

In the immediate vicinity of the bath, a modern therapeutic department operates with physiotherapy and balneotherapy treatments: medical massage, underwater gymnastics, underwater jet massage therapy, mud pack, weight bath, tub bath. The services are not only available in a National Health Insurance Fund supported form for patients with medical referral, but the treatments are also available at free-market prices. We often have package offers for pensioners and for the active layer, so that more people have access to the opportunity to preserve or recover their health.


Medical pools

The medicinal water in Rába Quelle Bath is mainly available for the treatment of degenerative bone and joint diseases, chronic inflammatory joint and muscle pains, and gynecological diseases.

The 67 oC qualified medicinal water rising from 2000 m deep, which is cooled by the proprer method, can be enjoyed in a pool with the atmosphere of a lavender field with all of its beneficial effects.

Two pools with 36-38 oC water, and a 35-36 oC swim-passage connected indoor and outdoor pool serve the healing process with the water composition and  beside that with the support of lying on massages, and back and lower back massage jets.



In the saunapark 5 finnish saunas, 2 steam rooms, 2 infrared saunas, 1 aromatherapy sauna and a salt grotto are at guests' disposal. Here you will find a 16-person hot tub and an outdoor plunge pool which is essential for the complete sauna experience. Our guests can take part on a variety of sauna sessions, led by sauna masters.



During the summer months these are complemented by the opening of the beach, where real idyllic atmosphere snatches the bathers with a fried dough smelling feeling, filled with ice cream, cold beer and plenty of sun. Games are also available free of charge: water dodgem, dinosaur slide, trampoline, live bowling, what else is needed for a real holiday?



Rába Quelle Ltd.

9025 Győr, Fürdő tér 1.

Phone:  +36-96/514-900



Opening hours:

Rába Quelle Thermal Bath and Spa:

Sunday-Thursday: 9.00 - 20.00

Friday, Saturday, holidays: 9.00 - 21.00


Saunapark (an additional ticket is mandatory!):

Monday-Friday: during opening hours

Saturday, Sunday, holidays: during opening hours


Rába Quelle Therapeutic department:

Reception (Monday - Friday) 8.00 - 16.20

Treatments (Monday - Friday) 8.00 - 18.30



Magyar Vilmos Uszoda


H-9025 Győr, Töltésszer u. 24.

Tel.: +3696/528-306




Mosoni-Danube free beach
9026 Győr, Vásárhelyi P. u.


Achilles Park
9019 Győr-Gyirmót
Tel.: +36 - 96 / 556 - 011

Opening hours:
June, July, August
Daily 9.30 - 20.00


Wakeboard Fun Park & Beach


9141 Ikrény

Tel.: +36 - 30 / 944 - 0646


Opening hours:

Daily: 10.00 - 20.00


Győr map

Győr map

Spectator's Guide

Spectator's guide


City of Győr



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