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23-29 July - 2017

23-29 July - 2017


Olympic Day

olimpiai helyszín

132 years ago the International Olympic Committee was founded on this day on the basis of the idea of Baron Pierre de Coubertin. Coubertin was keen to develop the physical education of French men, and he wanted to bring the different nations together to promote peace instead of fights.

On 23 June 1884 at a congress at Sorbonne University the International Olympic Committee was founded with the participation of 13 countries, including Hungary. Two years later the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece.

Every year National Olympic Committees and International and National Federations all over the world organize various events connected to the Olympic Movement with the aim to encourage people to participate in sport activities, as well as to promote the Olympic Values. On this day physical, cultural, and educational activities are organised based on the following three pillars: MOVE, LEARN, and DISCOVER.

In Hungary we celebrate the Olympic Day since 1987 thanks to the Hungarian Olympic Committee. Sport managers, Olympic champions, and other prominent sport figures celebrate this day at Baron Coubertin's statue in the Statue Park of the University of Physical Education. Furthermore, this year a special Torch Run is also organized in order to promote Budapest's bid for the 2024 Olympic Games.


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