2017 Győr

23-29 July - 2017

23-29 July - 2017


Paper Flowers


Our city Győr gives a lot and at the same time gains a lot through the European Youth Olympic Festival. – said Eszter Domanyik the Head of City Marketing and Event Management Department in the Mayor's Office of Győr.

She explained that the city is getting richer with great facilities which will provide additional sport opportunities for the inhabitants of Győr after the event. At the same time whole Europe is getting to know the city, as all 50 countries expressed their intention to take part in the Festival. As she said, the organisers aim to involve the whole city in the preparation process, and they are glad that more than 1200 applicants submitted their registration to become a volunteer at the event already. The 13 week long university course is also very popular among the students. At the same time more and more high school students take part in the EYOF themed interactive classes.

The Organizing Committee also aims to host a green Olympic event, this is why instead of real flower bouquets, medallists will receive unique, hand-made paper flowers at the medal ceremony. Every citizen can contribute to this by making their own flowers. The city also aims to involve cultural institutions and local performers with the EYOF who will get the chance to take part in the Opening Ceremony and in various side events and cultural programmes throughout the week of the event. This way the unique cultural values of the city of Győr as well as Hungary will be introduced to whole Europe.



City of Győr
City of Győr

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