The EYOF and Győr through the eyes of a tourist

The EYOF is starting soon, there is an increasing interest about it. By the way a lot of tourist visit Győr, they love the city and the citizens. We talked with a German lady, Nicole Jantzen about Győr and the EYOF.

– How did you get to know this city, since you live in Hamburg?
– Thanks to a lucky coincidence I got to know my best friend three years ago. She told me many things about this city and I watched a lot of videos about Győr on YouTube. I travelled here for the first time with my friends in June 2015. I like the city very much; I think I fell in love with Hungary a little bit. It is a very beautiful country with an extraordinary lot of sights and kind people.

– What was the first thing that you noticed in Győr?
– The tidy city centre! Unfortunately in Hamburg the situation is not so good. Besides this I was mesmerized by the gorgeous buildings, like the City Hall. I love that there is a lot of sight, big places, green belts and naturally the river Raab, because I adore the water.

– Do you have a favourite place maybe?
– There is no particular. I like the city centre and the Széchenyi Square. I love to sit down there and sip a cup of coffee with my best friend and we just watch the people on the square. I like being ashore too. Walking beside the river Raab and look at the beautiful old buildings. Győr is really a gorgeous city.

– Have you visited any event too?
– No, I didn't have the chance yet. But I would love to visit once the Christmas Fair.

– The unavoidable question, what is your opinion, experience about the Hungarian people?
– In my opinion the Hungarians are very kind and friendly people. I have only positive experiences so far in connection with you. You are every time very helpful, friendly and patient. What I would highlight is that I experienced a huge hospitality. And it is also very good, that many people can speak German.

– Let's talk about EYOF, since it is almost starting. What do you think why is it important in the life of our city?
– The Olympic Games is a highly important goal in the life of an athlete. So the EYOF is surely something very special for the young athletes, for their parents, their trainers and for the audience. I think it is very good, that Győr organises an event like this. This makes not just the city but also Hungary popular on a European level, even more popular than before. There will be a lot of athletes and their concomitants in the city and I hope many visitors will also arrive to have the chance to watch the competitions live. EYOF is a really good opportunity for the tourism, gastronomy, for the retailers/handcrafters and of course for the people living and working in the city. In addition to that it gives another potential to the city to appear as further sport event venue, like for example as a training camp, or build a reputation as travel or trip destination. Tourism and the connected areas will benefit from this a lot.

– We are waiting for German athletes and their family members to the competitions. What do you think, will they be satisfied with the city or can you give them an advice what should they pay attention to?
– The city has everything what can be needed. The gastronomy is diversified, there are uncountable shopping and sightseeing opportunities, friendly and helpful people live here. There are also a lot of activities for the free time, they can be and should be used. The official website of the EYOF is very informative everyone should take a look at it. Interesting how they managed to fight the restraints of foreign language for the guests and for the citizens of Győr too.

–What do you think it means for a young German athlete to taking part in a monumental event like this?
–I think it is a very big and good reward for the lot of time and effort they invest in sport. It will be very exciting for the young people to match their knowledge with the bests of Europe in their sports. A very big honour and responsibility to taking part on an event like this in your country. And of course the EYOF Győr can be a start for couple of splendid sport careers. Hungary is not so far away from Germany, so the travel won't take too long. Naturally I wish the best of luck for all participants.

– A lot of apartments were built in the city in connection with EYOF. Would you like to move into Győr?
– I wish if these apartments will be given at the disposal of the citizens of Győr, they should be available and affordable places to live. Basically I can imagine moving to Győr once, but I would need a job here and I should work on my Hungarian knowledge also.

– Indeed, you learn Hungarian at home with many of your friends. Why did you decide so?
– Yes, I learn Hungarian on a social college (school establishment, where you can take classes with a discount – the author). I think Hungarian language is very beautiful. I like the sound of it and I often listen to Hungarian radio stations and Hungarian music at home. But the most important is that I would like to talk Hungarian with my best friend and her family and of course with the Hungarian people. I think this is kind of a symbol and showing of respect, if I learn the Hungarian language. Since I can't really expect everybody to speak German. But I have to admit it is really hard. Hungarian language is totally different from German or English, I'm trying to learn it for a while now. I can understand a little from everything now, but I have a little trouble with speaking yet.

– You must have heard about the role of Audi in Győr...
– Audi is a very big company with a lot of money. Thereby Audi employs a lot of people in Győr, the production is cheaper than in Germany but the quality is the same, and this is a big advantage. On one hand I think it is good, but on the other hand the city and the people depend a lot from the Audi as employer. The money and the workplaces are always important in the life of a city that is why Audi can be so successful in Győr.

– What do you think about the accessibility of Győr?
– In my opinion the accessibility of Győr is very good. You can access it by car without any problems, since Győr is halfway on the highway between Budapest and Vienna. You can travel comfortably by train also into Győr. The first time I arrived in Győr we travelled by train with my friends from Vienna. The connections are very good and I think travelling by train is very comfortable. Some other time I arrived also by train from Vienna. That time the border was closed, I had to travel in direction of Sopron. Besides this the train traffic was closed on a section between Sopron and Győr for railway track repair works, therefore relief bus lines had to be used. Every people who I met during my journey, was very kind and patient with me, since I couldn't speak Hungarian. It was an adventurous journey I could say that. Every other time I was taken from the airport. Planes travel regularly from Hamburg to the airport of Vienna and Budapest also. I think it is a bit complicated to access Győr from the airport of Budapest, because firstly you have to travel by train into Pest, than you can transfer to another connection, it is a bit mazy.

Katalin Anna Havassy
Photo: Nikolett Házas

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