The EYOF can be an important milestone in every athlete’s life

 Madaras Norbert

Norbert Madaras two times Olympic and two times World champion water polo player propagated lately the FINA Aquatics World Championship in Győr. We certainly can’t get past the EYOF either.

The world class player came with pleasure to Győr; he was willing to talk in connection with the European Youth Olympic Festival either. It turned out there was no youth competition when he was young.
– I am sorry that the EYOF was left out of my life, but to tell the truth, the reason I did not take part in it was not that I haven’t got there, but that it hasn’t existed at all at that time. In my opinion it is necessary to have it especially because the young people today need the success and motivation more, than our generation. To get to a world championship as an adult, you have to do a vast amount of things, you have to subordinate yourself to your sport, and professional sport requires lots and lots of work from everyone.

Norbert also told, that the EYOF can be important not just for the athletes but also for the family members and fans, since the young people can show themselves to the world, they can get used to the communication and connection with other countries athletes and of course they can get to know professional sport life with every concomitant in their best and most responsive period.

– I really feel like nowadays it is more difficult to be a young one than it was before – continued the two times Olympic Gold Medallist. – So many other things are distracting attention, that sports are not always attractive, since – as I already mentioned – it comes with a lot of abandonment. Don’t get me wrong, I did not regret anything, but it is hard to tell the teenagers that for example they have to go to the swimming pool in the morning and in the afternoon too.

Norbi is naturally most familiar with the team sports, so he tried to explain the opportunities and advantages of the EYOF from this side, through being a member of a team.

– The EYOF is useful for the young people in every aspect; it is a great opportunity to gain experience regarding the sport career and lifestyle. Nearing the end of my career I can tell now, that I will miss it much, that there was a team, I could belong to, the atmosphere of the locker rooms, the fun. Nothing else can give this to you, it is not replaceable. The community was always held together by the common goal, week after week. You can achieve your goal or not, but the team is always together we fought for each other, and we will do it until we are professional athletes.

The world class player had been to many countries, locker rooms, swimming pools, so he gained a serious experience from the circumstances and establishments. He highlighted that not just Budapest evolved because of the FINA Aquatic Wold Championship, but there were fantastic changes, investments and sport complexes emerged in Győr for the sake of the EYOF.

– The circumstances are much better than it was back then when I was young, also more money is invested in sport and I’m just mentioning the facts. The swimming pools and the establishments are better too. Are people paying more attention to sports? We are talking here in Győr; it is enough to mention the handball, since the girls have won the Champions League recently, which is a great success for everyone. The better circumstances can be attractive for the young people. Even for that generation whose members don’t even know what they want to do. I started with swimming, than later water polo interested me more, being a member of a team, the trainings together. I haven’t thought about becoming an Olympic Champion one day. Of course as my career went further, the gold medal “swam before my eyes”, but as a young athlete I was fascinated by the love of sport and the community.

And if someone, than Norbert Madaras knows how hard it is to reach the top as an athlete, how much devotion and abandonment it means. That is why he highlighted, it is really important to have ambitions, but feeling good in your chosen sport matters also a lot, then they will go easier to trainings either in the morning or in the evening or even both times.

– We will have a summer rich in sports and I hope that more people will start to do some sport on account of EYOF. It is also good if they just start to move. Not everyone will be an Olympic Champion, but they don’t even have to become one. But I think it is better to be on the sport field than almost anywhere else.

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Side events of EYOF at the Dunakapu square in Győr

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