2017 Győr

23-29 July - 2017

23-29 July - 2017


The EYOF Volleyball qualifiers

The 2017 CEV U19 Volleyball European Championship for men took place in Győr at the end of April, which was also the qualification tournament for the EYOF Győr 2017. Not only the first three finisher teams were crowned at the end, but also the top seven teams qualified for the EYOF.

In the finals, the Czech Team earned a 3:2 victory over Italy. The Hungarian team finished 10th during the qualifying rounds of the championship.

Zsolt Borkai, Mayor of Győr, presented the medals and trophies to the best athletes.

The following teams earned a spot at the EYOF Volleyball tournament:
1) Czech Republic
2) Italy
3) Turkey
4) Russia
5) Poland
6) France
7) Belgium

Hungary will be joining the first seven teams at the EYOF as the host country has the right to qualify its national team.

Further results of the U19 championship are:
8) Finland
9) Romania
10) Hungary
11) Slovakia
12) Bulgaria

Previously, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Hungary qualified to play in the women's volleyball tournament at the European Youth Olympic Festival during the U18 Women's European Championship in Arnhem, the Netherlands.



City of Győr
City of Győr

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