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23-29 July - 2017

23-29 July - 2017


The Radnóti Street Sport Centre shows itself

Radnóti úti sporttelep

This week the construction works of the central site of the EYOF have begun. We present now the layouts, how the new sport centre will look like...

After the preparations, the real construction works have begun these days, first with the groundwork – so Csaba Simon, the director of the Győr Projekt Kft.
Till April, around 200 piles are being driven in. A spectacular part of the investment will be ready soon, as the warm up track gets its rubber surface. „It's partly up to the weather, but we hope to finish the covering till the end of March, so the athletes can use it afterwards – the director pointed out.

Radnóti úti sporttelep

After winning the public procurement procedure, the A-K Építőipari Kft. can start building the centre. The finish deadline of the investment of 6,66 billion forint full value is the 31. March 2017.
During the development the new centre is built on the former Dózsa stadium, in the southern neighbourhood of the new Olympic swimming pool. The 8 ha competition site with 24.000 m2 built up area, will incorporate an athletic stadium with an 8-line-competition-track and warm-up-corridor, a tennis centre with 9 courts (4 from 9 will be covered), a gymnastic hall, a combat sports hall and a multifunctional hall as well. On the layouts it can be seen well, how the sport centre parts are connected to each other contributing this way to the further sport development of the city.

Radnóti úti sporttelep

Meanwhile, the 33-meter outdoor pool of the Olympic swimming pool has been finished, the test operation is running these days. The site will serve as a warm-up-pool not only during the swimming competitions, but after its opening it will extend the free time swimming possibilities in Győr.


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