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23-29 July - 2017

23-29 July - 2017


The sport ambassadors of EYOF Győr 2017

EYOF érem

The EYOF Győr 2017 medal designs and the EYOF sport ambassadors were introduced to the public

The sport ambassadors of EYOF Győr 2017

Zsolt Borkai, mayor of Győr and President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee has introduced the twenty new sport ambassadors of EYOF, ten word-renowned and successful athletes: Krisztián Pars (athletics), Hedvig Karakas ( judo), Zoltán Kammerer (kayak), Johanna Kitti Borissza (cycling), Anna Laklóth (basketball), Zsuzsanna Jakabos (swimming), Anita Görbicz (handball), Zsanett Kötél (volleyball), Dalma Gálfi (tennis), Krisztián Berki (gymnastics), and ten talented young sportsmen: Luca Lendvai (athletics), Krisztofer Mészáros (gymnastics), Bence Varga (swimming), Dorina Szirony (basketball), Richárd Sipőcz (judo), Tamara Pál (handball), Ramóna Farkasdi (kayak), Réka Kotormán (volleyball), Máté Valkusz (tennis), Márton Füri (cycling). Together they are the official ambassadors of the festival. These athletes will work on to promote the event which will take place in less than 100 days.

EYOF arcai

Jakabos Zsuzsanna

Kammerer Zoltán

Mészáros Krisztofer és Borkai Zsolt

EYOF arcai

During the upcoming weeks the newly appointed ambassadors will participate in campaign and video shoots, on the 22 May some of them are going to attend the official European Olympic Flame lightening ceremony in Rome. Afterwards, on 24 May they will all join to welcome the European Olympic Torch in Győr. Later during the festival the ambassadors will contribute to the medal ceremonies while many youth ambassadors will hopefully compete at the festival.

Gold, Silver, Bronze

Arany,ezüst, bronz érem

Mr Borkai also presented the EYOF medals to the media representatives: 'I think, the images speak for themselves. As a sportsman I have won several medals during my sport career, but I can tell you for fact that such beautiful and professionally designed medals are not even usual at senior competitions.' The mayor of Győr added, that during the week-long festival 121 medal ceremonies will be staged by the organizers. For this 915 medals are produced, including reserve sets: 295 gold; 295 silver and 325 bronze. The unique minted medals are 70 millimetres in diameter and 4.5 millimetres thick. The gold medals are plated with 24-carat gold; silver medals are plated with silver, while the bronze medals were produced to give them a shiny bronze colour. The medals are created by a local company in Győr and have already been approved by the European Olympic Committees. On one side of the medals, in accordance with the EOC rules, is the EOC EYOF logo; on the other, the EYOF GYŐR 2017 logo.

EYOF érmek

Songwriters of the official song

The Biebers, a popular Hungarian band, writes the official song of the EYOF which will be performed by Péter Puskás. 'We can promise that the theme song "Here and Now" –available both in Hungarian and English – will be catchy and youthful. The public will be able to listen to the song for the first time live upon the arrival of the European Olympic Flame to Győr at the end of May. Later it will be used for advertising campaigns in Hungary and abroad.'

Zsolt Papp 
Foto: Péter O. Jakócs 


City of Győr
City of Győr

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